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Yepasan brand, adjustable and fixed position plate type multi-spindle heads are designed and manufactured for multi-spindle drilling, reaming, countersinking, spot facing, chamfering and tapping operations. They are used with very high efficiency where single spindle drilling operation is not economical. Four different types of heads cover a wide spectrum considering both drilling capacity and drilling area. The heads are ideally suited to general and large batch production.

1. Mounting: The head is mounted to the spindle of the drilling machine either by a flange or clamp type mounting adaptor. Manufactured according to the spindle of the drilling machine.

2. Driving Mandrel: Hardened steel drive couplings are supplied to suit all types of machine spindles and manufactured according to the spindle of the drilling machine.

3. Gears: Machine spindle rotation and torque transmitted through drive gear via idler gear to spindle driver gear. All gears are manufactured from high alloyed steel and hardened. The involute profile of teeth are ground reducing noise levels to a minimum level and giving improved smooth running characteristics. Radial and needle bearings are used to achieve high speeds.

4. Universal Joints: Telescopic universal joints, made from high alloyed steels, are the assemblies that transmit the power and rotation from driven gears to spindles of the head. For easy mounting both ends of the joints are equipped with quick-coupling system. They transmit rotation and torque within the effective radius of adjustment stated in Table 2.

5. Adjustable Drilling Arms: High tensile aluminum part carries the spindle and its bearings. Adjustable for position as given in Table 2.

6. Casing: Made of high tensile aluminum, incorporating gearbox and providing mounting for spindle arms or fixed position plate.

7. Guide Bar Brackets: Two adjustable and removable brackets are used for fixture alignment to guide pilot shafts of the fixture plate and to eliminate the effect of machine spindle backlash. Dimensions are given in Table 1.

8. Spindles: All spindles are cylindrical bore type and manufactured according to DIN 55058. Made from cementation steels, case hardened to 1.2mm depth with hardness HRC 58-62. Radial forces are overcome by needle bearings and axial loads by thrust bearings.