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Drilling and Tapping Spindles
Drilling and tapping spindles are manufactured according to DIN 55058 standards. General dimensions together with spindle arm and drilling adapter or tap driver (tapping chucks) are given in Table 3 and Table 4. Alternative applications of spindles (e.g. adjustable or fixed) are shown in Figure 4.

To achieve the maximum efficiency and long life of the spindles, careful attention must be given not to exceed the torque capacity given in Table 3 and Table 4 and stay with in the circle defined by effective radius given Table 2. Maximum recommended speed is 1000rpm.

Generally multi-spindle heads are used on column or radial type drilling machines. The feed given by the machine may not meet with the pitch of the tap. For that reason the tap drivers given in Table 4 have compensation in both directions. The length of the compensation must be checked and calculated with respect to the depth of tap. With these tap drivers; it is possible to tap two different pitches at the same time.

The tap drivers are floating type which compensates the misalignment between spindle and drill bore axis.

In case of equal feed with the pitch of the tap or using the multi-spindle heads on tapping machines; cheaper and shorter tap drivers can be used.

Quick change tapping adaptors are used to hold taps. The types with torque safety clutches are recommended for limitation of the torque. Mainly used for blind holes and in materials with high strength and hardness. The manufacturers of tap drivers indicated in Table 4 are only few examples. Other brands can be selected. In that case length ā€œLā€ should be checked.

Table 3
Table 4